Fotosnappers technologies limited is a world class Nigerian Company that specialized in professional photography, Editing, lighting and video productions to a large network of clientele within Africa (Nigeria) and around the globe.

Our Services: Photo-finishing, printing,Editing, Portrait photography, video customization,

Studio photography, passports / (visa passports), indoor / outdoor photography, freelance journalism, make-up artistry, show promotions, artist management and general contract.

Our Vision: To become the most-reliable and dependable company with quality and excellent service delivery.

Vision Statement: unquestionable superiority. Fotosnappers desires to be the No.1 Photographic outfit in terms of quality & standard that where ever the name is mentioned, people will have no choice / alternatives but to go there and do business.

Our Mission: To ensure that every client is satisfied beyond reasonable doubt.

Mission Statement: Making people happy: Fotosnappers is known for its distinctive uniqueness in terms of quality and standard which are maintained everywhere. Service to customers should beĀ  friendly and we should remember to treat our customer the way would like to be treated.

Our Passion: Fotosnappers Aims to provide solutions to digital professional photographic service, picture taking in a friendly environment.